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The veneer surface is smooth to touch and easy to clean. keeps the table top looking neat and stylishly modern with its simple nature inspired print. Complements all kinds of table settings, right from your everyday meal, to special occasion. The soft muted colours will combine beautifully with your crockery and cutlery. A fine option if you are wanting a durable, lightweight and easy-to- maintain set of placemats.
The palms break the monotony of The Pale white colour- but it is in this soft hue of a creamy white where in lines the Elegance and Charm of this set of place map. Understated in terms of usage of colours, it has the kind of minimalist charm that can help offset and highlight the beauty of your entire table layout. The veneer mat has a smooth surface which can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Will be resilient in the face of searing hot dishes placed on it and will see you through much usage. the palm print gives it a delightful natural highlight breaking its paleness and giving its look a certain kind of natural freshness. The set has four placemats which completely packaged. Add that glamorous twist to your table setting with this inclusion.
  • Material: Veneer
  • Size: 30x21.5x.3cm
  • Matching coasters also available seperatly